2017 IBC Show in Amsterdam
30 September 2017

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2017 IBC show was held on Sep 15-19 in Amsterdam RAI international exhibition center.EIMAGE attended the show with innovative products under the expectation of overseas users.


E-image displayed numerous new products: “MOTUS” series fluid head,multi-function jib arm J100, liftable geared center column tripod GA230, extendable slider and various high quality, high-tech products.Its novel design, unique function, cooperate with a new style of the booth design, these new products at the exhibition is ushered a large number of exhibitors.?

The exhibition hall is 60 square meters ,attracted a large number of exhibitors every day.









The new product-- “ MOTUS " series

The third generation fluid head up to three years after a painstaking research, it with stepless, super smooth moving characteristics, the special design, can give a perfect handling and stability.With original damping system, dynamic balance system and the quick and convenient panel system.



Huntsman J100

Huntsman J100 is a newly-developed carbon fiber jib arm, and the main part is via high precision CNC processing ,applied EIMAGE Genting video heads damping system,0-3 grades adjustable, enables you to adjust the tightness for up and down tilt and pan action. Special new design can reach AF shooting, Low angle shooting, high angle shooting and upside down shooting and so on. It is suit for all kinds of film and television works, advertising, outdoor scene, the wedding ceremony the best partner.


Geared tripod GA230

E-image new tripod GA230, designed for different levels of camera users for professional support, the unique height of the products provide very superior shortcuts for the photographer.Unique retractable landing gear in the tube, to provide you with "superior" shooting Angle and position.Withthe flat head GH03F/GH04, the highest working height can reach 2.5 meters.


Extendable slider

E-IMAGE new extendable slider allows the slider to innite extend by adding every 70CM carbon ber rods. It comes with a weighted wheel attaches to the end of the slider,providing a handle for smooth and precise hand-cranked sliders. It can also works with EIMAGE Motor 1 to be a motorized slider, to achieve more shooting functions.


We believe EIMAGE will bring more and more perfect products to users in the future.?